Sunday, 4 October 2009

Birthday card

I love making my own cards. It doesn't take that long, and most people think it's really nice to get something handmade and personal. Yesterday I was invited to a birthday dinner by my My Little Pony-crazy friend, and this is the card I made for her:

You can't see it in that first picture, but the rainbow and clouds were made out of glittery paper (yes, I was a bit too lazy to make that myself) to add that fairytale sparkle!

It was a lovely dinner too :)


  1. So cute! Jättefint - skulle gärna velat fått sådant själv om jag fyllde år:)

  2. Hej! Kul att se dig på min blogg, jag tänkte på dig nyligen, hittade alla dina gamla brev när jag packade. Du skrev så fina brev. Du ska nog få ett brev av mig...