Sunday, 15 November 2009

Shawl in the making

I'm famous for starting projects and not finishing them. Let's see if this is another one! I'm currently making these fun and easy hexagonal crochet patches and the plan is to join them up to form a shawl. They take about 15 minutes each to make so it shouldn't take too long, unless I get bored very quickly :)

This is pretty much free hand and very easy for anyone who knows how to crochet. I was going to write down instructions but I'm not sure of the translations for the stitches!


  1. Grymt! ska bli kul och se hur den blir!

  2. Grattis på födelsedagen!

    Och fråga mig. Jag kan översätta virkmönster! tjihoo!

    /Sushi (hihi)